Auditions and Registration

REGISTER NOW for the 2018-2019 Season!  Email or submit the form below for information or to schedule a registration appointment. Spots are always limited and are reserved in the order names are submitted.

Rehearsals starts September 4th. The music this season is incredible!


Rehearsal Times:                                After-school schedule               Homeschool Edition   

Highland Children’s Choir:               5:30-6:20 (ages 8-12)             1:30-2:20 (ages 8-12)

Highland Girl’s Choir:                        4:00-5:15 (ages 12-18)

Highland Boys Chorus:                      3:00-4:00 (ages 12-18)           3:00-4:00 (ages 12-18)

Highland Young Singers:                  5:15-5:45 (ages 5-7)

All choirs rehearse on Tuesdays.

Monthly Tuition: $45 for the first student and $30 a month for each additional sibling or Young Singers students.

Registration Fee: $45 per family





Highland Children’s Choir

Our Highland Children’s Choir features singers age 8-12. Choir students begin learning beautiful choral repertoire arranged for children. Students are also taught a sight singing curriculum where they sing with solfege in parts. Teaching takes place in a fun, safe, non-competitive environment where they learn beautiful music as well as more advanced music education skills. This class is playful, joyful and inspiring!

Girls Choir

Our Highland Girls Choir features singers age 12-18. They sing in SSAA, 4 parts (First Soprano, Second Soprano, First Alto and Second Alto) and rotate singing a different part on each piece. The music is substantial and absolutely beautiful. They receive training in sight singing and start each rehearsal sight singing with solfege in parts. The girls also receive small group voice lessons. This choir is a joy to work with and the momentum and energy in class is amazing.

Highland Boys Chorus

Highland Boys Chorus (ages 12-18) focuses on amazing repertoire, sight singing, vocal technique and training that showcase this strong male ensemble. The talent and energy in this class are contagious and impressive. This choir combines with our advanced Girls Choir as well for incredible SATB singing. This is sure to be a fan favorite.

Young Singers

Our youngest class features singers age 5-7. Young Singers class is our little prep choir for our youngest musicians and it focus on beginning music education skills, playful music games and singing, singing, singing!  They learn rhythmic values and music intervals all in game form, along with their choral repertoire. This rehearsal is full of energy and lasts 30 minutes to accommodate our budding musicians attention and spirit!